How to get a Debit card?

You can earn with FRIENDFINDERand you can get FREE DEBIT MASTERCARD.You can verify your PAYPAL using this PAYONEER DEBIT CARD.

You need to register on FRIENDFINDER, its a social networking site with an affiliate program. Register here:

Click Join Now then fill out the form.
 After you register,check your email to verify your account then click Activate Now.
Log in and you can start your application in Affiliate Program. look for "webmaster, earn money"link and click it.

STEP 1. Register Here


Click on the Affiliate


Choose Option 1
Fill out the Friendfinder Affiliate registration form
Then you will see the Agreement Page. Check the check box and then click submit.

When you completed all the steps, just log in to yourFriendfinder Affiliate account.Select the Account Information menu.Click "here" to update your information. Then click Sign up to be paid by Prepaid Mastercard.

When you already update your info,you will see the Payoneer's website.Click "get your prepaid mastercard"button for the registration process for Payoneer Debit Mastercard.

Then you may fill up the form step by step.

You can check your email to see the information sent by Friendfinder and Payoneer.
Just wait for 2 business days for approval information.
For the card, you will wait 3 weeks or it depends on your location for delivery.
You can verify your Paypal account after you received your Payoneer Debit card.

Option 2


  Note: That this option 2 is only available in the Philippines Country Only
Open An Account:
  1. Fill up an EON CyberAccount Application form;   
  • You can fill one up at the nearest UnionBank branch; or                              
     2.   Claim your EON VISA Electron Kit from the branch you selected:
  • Prepare your valid Identification Card(s)
    • Passport
    • Current Driver's License (accompanied by OR)
    • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
    • Major Credit Cards with picture
    • Permit to Carry Firearms
    • Laminated SSS ID/GSIS ID / Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card
    • Company ID
    • Postal ID
    • Current School ID, if students *** 
  •  Make photocopies of the Identification Card(s) you will present. This  will save time in the release of your Welcome Kit (just in case the  photocopier/scanner in the branch is busy/unavailable). We need to keep  these on file. 
  • Make a personal appearance.
  • Bring P350.00 to cover the Visa electron annual fee.
  • You may also bring your initial deposit (not required but recommended)  so that you can start using your EON CyberAccount.
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